For a safe journey together.

Freedom for the whole family.

The ultimate family bicycle, that’s Cangoo. Our cargo bikes look after you and your precious possessions. Naturally, providing safety and comfortis a key element in the design of our bikes. With Cangoo cargo bikes, even the greatest challenges become a piece of cake. You can-go anywhere with Cangoo.

Over 400 dealers in Europe offer our cargo bikes to their customers

Inspired by family
All-in package
Modern design
E-bikes and corporate bikes
Two- and three-weel bikes

Known for:

Safety first
Great design
Wide collection
Good service for your cargo bike


Cangoo Groovy Electric short
Cangoo Max
Cangoo Downtown

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Go your own way.

Cargo bikes are the transport of today. With the pressure of modern day life, being able to travel fast and especially without any hassle is essential. Cangoo provides just that. We understand your family’s needs and do everything to provide a comfortable and easy ride. You move yóur way with Cangoo.

At Cangoo the bikes are built according to the needs of our customers. Would you rather have an e-bike or maybe cycle a three-wheel bicycle? We’ve got you covered. All of our cargo bikes have strong frames, and the wheels are made with extra firm spokes for safety and support. Your choice is solid, just like our bikes.

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