Imagination is our guide.

Wonder is magical.

A new generation of travelers is on the move. And they are in need of future proof transportation. The bicycles of supersuper celebrate the imagination, because discovering a whole new world is just around every corner!

Over 250 dealers offer supersuper bikes. To their customers.

3-8 years old
Build by experts
Inspired by imagination
Affordable bikes

Known for:

Cool design
Great collection
Quality for a good price
Quick delivery

Populair models:

Little Miss

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The world is supersuper.

We think the wonderful world of 3- to 8-year-olds is magic and inspiring. In their universe, rainbows are a map to infinity and the moon is a mighty fine stopover. With childlike wonder we love to build bikes for the littlest explorers. And of course, we take the children’s advice to heart.

If you ask us, a bicycle is only supersuper when it’s safe and strong, fitting the child’s age. Therefore, we build sturdy and reliable bikes that are up for any task. From conquering the greatest hill to transporting your befriended dols in a fancy basket. Whatever makes you happy. Only when we cycle together, we can enter a new world. Welcome to our universe!

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