We make bikes and we like to make them perfect.

Ride with style.

Discovering the world on your own, your own way. This requires a bicycle that suits your rhythm and ride. And of course, that is completely equipped for all the challenges we face today. A Popal bicycle matches your lifestyle. You determine your destination, we help you reach it.

Over 750 dealers worldwide offer our Popal bicycles to their customers.

Fashion and functionality
Future proof bicycles
Women’s, gentlemen’s and e-bikes
+500 dealers

Known for:

Contemporary design
Extensive collection of bicycles
Value for money


Dutch Daily Basic
Daily Dutch Prestige
Capri 28
Sway 28

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It’s the journey that counts.

How to describe Popal in a few words? How about creativity, mobility and fun. Popal bicycles are designed to face the challenges of today’s world. Choosing your model? All you have to do is follow your gut. Enjoy a careless ride, we have your back.

We believe it is our responsibility to have meaningful conversations with our clients. Because you motivate and inspire us. Our ideas for brand-new models and options are fueled by you. So let’s join forces, and tell us what you like. We love to create a great bicycle that matches your lifestyle.

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