Making bicycles is our profession, building brands our passion.

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PMG always strives for shared success, reliability and trust. Doing business with PMG means clear communication and exponential growth. Do you have inspiring ideas that can help our companies grow? We’re always open to talk and love to get to know your story. You are our first priority: we move forward and take you along for the ride.

Together we make it work.

As a dealer you’re familiar with your customer: You know their goals and what drives them like no other.  Just like us, you invest in your relationships. That’s why our communication is always clear and direct, so we know exactly what we can expect from each other.

Limitless entrepreneurship.

Because you know your business best, you’re the one calling the shots. You are able to determine the purchases and sales. Got a specific target in mind? You only have to ask, and we’ll deliver.

Let’s talk numbers.

Our dealers are our number one priority. We care for your growth and prosperity, and want to make sure you are content with our service. We therefore offer lower costs and bigger margins, allowing you to sell more in less time. We like to be transparent about numbers and statistics, and always offer optimal margins.

Trust growth.

Entrepreneurship with courage is a proven strategy for quick and exceptional results. Every day, hundreds of bicycles are delivered to happy customers, whether it be through an online shop or bicycle store. We take risks and encourage growth, and by offering our assistance and attention we’re constantly making sure that we both achieve maximum profit.

Easy publicity.

Our specialised marketing team is constantly working on creating authentic and remarkable marketing campaigns, stimulating our sales and building a connection with our customers. We don’t just do this for our own brands, we do this for you as well: a good marketing strategy means your sales and store profit greatly too. If we grow, you grow with us.

Become a reseller.

Sparked your interest? We would love to welcome you as our dealer and we look forward to working together. Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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