Making bicycles is our profession, building brands our passion.

Move inyour way.

Welcome to PMG. Started as a family company, grown out to be one of the biggest bicycle suppliers of the Netherlands. We’re the continuously improving creatives behind popular brands Popal, supersuper, Cangoo, Keewee and BSP.

  • Supersuper
  • Popal
  • Cangoo
  • BSP
  • Keewee
We produce over 200.000 bicycles on a yearly basis.
We are proud that our family business has 150 employees.
Over 1500 dealers sell our bikes throughout Europe.

We like to think and act big and we love to push our own boundaries. We are entrepreneurs, building lasting relationships while merging mutual ambition. We offer clarity, creativity, craftmanship and constant movement. That’s PMG.

PMG is driven by progression and growth, just like the industry. At PMG simplicity and innovation go hand in hand with our ongoing passion for design. We stimulate talent to move freely, and we celebrate successes together. We are always looking for new ways to move and improve.

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Meet the brands we believe in.

Photo of Supersuper

Would the universe be big enough for our littlest adventurers? The best travel buddy for those first expeditions are the bicycles from supersuper, naturally. Magical trips and amazement ahead! For children between 3-8 years.

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Photo of Popal

Popal bicycles. The ultimate mix of amazing design meets fashionable performance. For (young) adults who like affordable top quality.

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Photo of BSP

Quality bikes made for real Dutch circumstances. That's BSP.

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Photo of Cangoo

Cangoo stands for affordable Cargo bikes that are inspired by and made for families. Cangoo has the best combination of design, safety and good prices. Your family bike ‘can-go’ anywhere!

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Photo of Keewee

The Keewee bike by Cangoo. This revolutionary cargo bike has already been selected as best cargo bike of the year. Keewee's high-tech design combines the user-friendliness of a practical cargo bike with the amazing experience of a luxury car. Get in lane for te bike of the future.

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